Your Local Alaskan Poultry Source

Our Mission: Food Independence for Alaskans.

Since 2010, Polaris has been supplying quality poultry products to Alaskans that care about what goes into their food and the farmers that produce it. 

5 Years Supplying Baby Poultry

We are now in our 5th season delivering quality baby poultry to Alaska.  Read: Polaris Hatchery - Value To You

Chicks/Turkeys from Polaris Poultry... WHY?

1. 100% Live Delivery Guaranteed!

2. 100% Sex Correct Guarantee!

3. 24 hour old, healthy and happy chicks vs USPS 3-4 day old  traumatized, thirsty and starving.

4. All prices shown Include Shipping to Anchorage, Eagle River, and Mat-Su.

5. Prompt, friendly, local service from people with 20+ years of hands-on chicken experience.

6. Local pickup or delivery from our truck. No waiting in line at the Post Office.

7. NPIP Certified Hatchery - for the safety of your flock, and Alaskan Agriculture. See More.

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