Polaris Hatchery - Value To You

I'm Don Dyer, Owner of Polaris Hatchery. I have owned chickens for 30 years and farmed poultry for meat and eggs for 14 years.

After using several mid-west hatcheries, I have been a Jenks Hatchery customer and fan for nine years. I've received dozens of shipments from them with 100% survival. Jenks Hatchery has been a Rock Star level supplier in every aspect.

In April of 2018, I ordered 1,000 Cornish Cross chicks from Jenks Hatchery in Oregon. I ordered them for pickup at the main Anchorage US Postal Service Distribution Center at Anchorage International Airport. What I received four days after the hatch date was 176 live but sick chicks. 

As a result of that event, I vowed to come up with a better solution.

That's why I went to the express air cargo route.

I genuinely like Chickens and Turkeys. When you consider the health benefit to the chicks, as well as your ethical responsibility to treat animals in a humane and dignified manner, the Polaris Hatchery solution makes more sense than any other. A happy and healthy chick is one that will grow quickly, behave normally, and give you years of faithful egg laying and high quality meat. 

Our prices do reflect the additional cost of air freight and customer service. However, it is a small additional investment to ensure that you receive a healthy and ethically treated bird that will perform to all of your expectations.

The Mission of Polaris Hatchery is simple: Food Independence for Alaskans.

The value that we offer is simple:

1. 100% Live Delivery Guaranteed!

2. 24 hour old, healthy and happy vs USPS 3-4 day old  traumatized, thirsty and starving.

3. All prices include Shipping to Alaska. (See Getting Your Birds)

4. Prompt, friendly, local customer service from knowledgeable people with 20+ years of chicken experience.

5. Local pickup or delivery. No waiting in line at the USPS.