Alaska Grown Pullets/Females - 16 weeks Old - Silver Laced Sussex

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Available April 15 & September 1, 2024

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Raised in Palmer, Alaska on Alaska Mill & Feed pullet grower, these pampered girls are ready to move in, produce eggs, and save you the drama of brooding chicks.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, this new line is cold and heat hardy, docile, and an absolutely excellent forager! We feel that this new line will be your new favorite in no time!

The Silver Laced Sussex is the resulting offspring from a proprietary Barred Rock and Silver Sussex cross. This breed has quite a unique appearance! From their silver and black feathering to their delicate feather lacing, and their dark black eyeliner, this breed is unlike any other on the market. The striking silver lacing which encompasses black feathers is what gives this breed its unique name. They will lay 290+ large to extra-large brown eggs per year! As a color-sexable breed, you can't go wrong with this new breed! 

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