Limit of Liability

Inasmuch as there are circumstances that may be beyond the control of Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery that may disrupt on-time delivery of products, Customer agrees that the maximum liability of Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery under any circumstance is limited to the dollar amount tendered by Customer at the time of the order for the undelivered products on each order. Customer expressly agrees that Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery is not liable for any other loss to Customer that may result from delays or non-delivery. Customer agrees that in any case where non-delivery by Polaris may be an issue, a refund in the amount in the amount of the total of all funds tendered for undelivered product will constitute full satisfaction of any dispute.

Unpredictable/Catastrophic Events - In any case where Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery products are un-delivered due to events or circumstances that are beyond the control of Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery, (i.e. weather, transportation failure, strikes, labor disputes, epidemics, pandemics, wars, cyber attacks, civil unrest, government actions, or other events not listed that are beyond the control of Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Hatchery, Polaris Marketing Associates Inc. dba Polaris Poultry will have no liability to Customer beyond what it is reimbursed by insurers for the loss.