Alaska Grown Pullets/Females - 22 week Old - Rhode Island Red - September 2023

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Available NOW - 22 weeks old many are just starting to lay.

No Minimum Quantity

Raised in Palmer, Alaska on Alaska Mill & Feed pullet grower, these pampered girls are ready to move in, produce eggs, and save you the drama of brooding chicks.

 Pre-order to reserve your personal egg-laying machines!

Arguably the most iconic and well-recognized chicken breed in the US, the Rhode Island Red was developed and first bred in Rhode Island, and to this day is still the state bird of Rhode Island.

This breed is typically active and, as it is a high-production Rhode Island Red, will lay around 280-290 large brown eggs per year. The Rhode Island Red is often variable in temperament.

Our Rhode Island Red will not breed true if crossed, and has been selectively bred to outperform other Rhode Island Red varieties.

Hens will typically reach 6.5 lbs and Roosters will weigh in at 8.5 lbs.

If you are looking for a high-quality Rhode Island Red, look no further!

Available as sexed pullet chicks.