Alaska Grown Pullets/Females - 16 week Old - Color Pack Layer

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Available  April 15 and September 1, 2024

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Raised in Palmer, Alaska on Alaska Mill & Feed pullet grower, these pampered girls are ready to move in, produce eggs, and save you the drama of brooding chicks.

 Pre-order to reserve your personal egg-laying machines!

Color Pack Layers are EXTREEMLY cold-hardy. They have an extra dense underlayer of feathers and very small combs and waddles. They are very durable and hardy chickens.

They are excellent foragers and sound the alarm early when predators appear.

They come in many random color shades and patterns.

They produce beautiful large to extra-large blue or green eggs.

When compared to the Araucana, Color Packs are larger and calmer.


  • Thrives on free-range
  • Super Predator aware
  • Excellent winter egg-layer 
  • Estimated 280 eggs per year 
  • 50 percent production at week 24 
  • Peak production 85-90 percent
  • Colors vary from speckled white to dark speckled reds and browns
  • Excellent feed conversion ratio 
  • Easy to manage, calm disposition 
  • Excellent shell strength with blue or green eggshell coloring

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