Alaska Grown Pullets/Females - 16 week old - Golden Bovan

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Available April 15 and September  1, 2024

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Raised in Palmer, Alaska on Alaska Mill & Feed pullet grower, these pampered girls are ready to move in, produce eggs, and save you the drama of brooding chicks.

Pre-order to reserve your personal egg-laying machines!

With a gentle and calm disposition, Golden Bovans are the favorite bird for first-timers and people with children.

Golden Bovans are very cold-hardy and good foragers.

The Golden Bovan is a Gold Sex-Link. This particular breed has been developed in France, derived from a cross between Rhode Island Red and Leghorn genetics. The Golden Bovans is a brown egg-layer that produces a beautiful large to extra-large dark brown egg.

• A prolific egg-layer 
• Estimated 395 eggs in 76 weeks of lay, ~320 eggs per year 
• 50 percent production at week 20 
• Peak production 93-95 percent 
• Excellent feed conversion ratio 
• Easy to manage, calm disposition 
• Excellent shell strength with dark brown eggshell coloring
• Has been bred to adapt to different conditions, allowing them to produce well in housing or to thrive on free-range.

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