Alaska Grown Pullets/Females - 16 week old - Buckeye

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Available April and September 2023

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Raised in Palmer, Alaska on Alaska Mill & Feed pullet grower, these pampered girls are ready to move in, produce eggs, and save you the drama of brooding chicks.

Pre-order to reserve your personal egg-laying machines!

The Buckeye variety is a true Heritage Breed chicken with a rich midwestern history.

This is an AWESOME chicken for Alaskan flocks! Buckeyes are very cold hardy and resist frostbite thanks to their small comb, small wattles, and dense feathers. They are natural foragers and mousers. 

They are a Dual-Purpose breed that features rich, brilliant red plumage, yellow legs, and a pea comb. They are good egg layers (250+/- per year) and grow rapidly making them a true dual-purpose farm chicken.

They have an easy-going demeanor and are not inclined to be shy. The Buckeye is the ultimate combination of beautiful plumage, utility, and hardiness for the backyard flock.

• Reliable egg-layer 
• Estimated 250 eggs per year 
• 50 percent production at week 24 
• Peak production 85 percent 
• Excellent feed conversion ratio 
• Easy to manage, calm disposition 
• Excellent shell strength with dark brown eggshell coloring
• Has been bred to adapt to different conditions, allowing them to produce well in housing or to thrive on free-range.