Buckeye (Chick/Females)

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Available: March-June 2024

Minimum quantities:

1 chick for pickup only in Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su.

10 chicks for delivery in Anchorage , Eagle River, Wasilla, Mat-Su.

10 chicks for shipping to all other areas. Shipping charges will apply.

This is an AWESOME chicken for Alaskan off-grid flocks! Buckeyes are very cold hardy and resistant to frostbite thanks to their small comb, small wattles, and dense feathers. They are natural foragers and mousers. They have an almost shy/easy-going personality.

They are a Dual-Purpose breed that features rich dark red plumage, yellow skin, yellow legs, and a pea comb. They are good egg layers (250+/- per year) and grow modertly.

Buckeyes are a Heritage Breed. They are NOT hybrids and will breed true.

The Buckeye is a great choice for anyone looking to raise chickens in their backyard or off-grid. If you're in the market for some new chicks, the Buckeye is definitely worth considering! making them a true dual-purpose farm chicken.

Available as sexed pullet chicks.